Tobias Raayoni Last // טוביאס רעיוני לאסט

My artistic practice spans various disciplines, including live video performance, installations, ambient sound work, and the creation of code and electronic devices.


At the core of my creative process has always been the exploration of the intricate interplay between "placeness" and "temporality." I use place as a fundamental agent to inform and shape the content and form of my work, usually by drawing upon the highly subjective concepts of psychogeography and the spirit of place.

In recent years I have started to incorporate magical thinking into my work, especially the more technical pieces. Through earnest and rigorous research in fields like ancient Greco-Egyptian sorcery, modern Chaos Magic, and other questionable practices I explore the boundaries between the material and immaterial and allow my artistic practice to expand into the spiritual.


Besides creating and performing art myself I love collaboration, discussion and exchange with other artists. It led me to co-founding and managing an artist association, several festivals, and a popular monthly artist talk series.