The Psithemius is a psionic device for spirit conjuration and magical manifestation.


Its basic architecture consists of printed circuit boards hosting concentric circles with magical names and symbols and a triangle with a spiral shaped transmitter in its center. The design is based on a magical system attributed to the German abbot and polymath Johannes Trithemius who lived around the end of the 15th century and developed methods for communing with transdimensional entities.


For the Psithemius device to work properly, a small single terminated or ball shaped quartz crystal is needed. The device emits light and an electromagnetic field around and into this quartz crystal set in the center of the triangle that acts as a focal point and spirit medium.

The Psithemius device utilizes principles borrowed from the lesser known works of Nikola Tesla and the fringe-science of Psionics to detect and electrically amplify the user's intent in the form of magical sigils or radionic rates. The goal is to charge the crystal with energies resonating with the nature of an entity and act as a beacon of condensed intent to attract them to the ritual space.


A limited edition of the devices was designed by me with the help of an engineer, professionally produced as printed circuit boards in China, and sold to collectors and spiritual practitioners worldwide.