Lost in Crystal Canyons

Debut digital album release of a deep listening ambient drone meditation on cyberpunk called "Lost in Crystal Canyons" under my alias for audio works, "Last Unit"

All sounds used in this album were recorded with a special coil microphone, capturing the naturally inaudible electromagnetic emissions of the mainboard and componentes of a dual CPU Supermicro rack server.

The humming beneath the physical matter. Unified Field. The server as a neuron. Cyberspace/mind emerging from electrified matter/brain which itself is a manifestation of energy/consciousness.

The recordings were resampled, mixed and mangled with a Yamaha MT-120 multitrack cassette recorder, a Roland SP-404SX sampler and a bunch of stompboxes, most prominently a Jomox T-Resonator. None of the tracks were arranged, edited or mastered on a computer but only performed live by Last Unit.


"All that is visible must grow beyond itself, and extend into the realm of the invisible." (TRON)

The obvious medium for the final work was an electromagnetic one. In addition to the digital album available on Bandcamp I produced a limited edition of 20 numbered low-bias ferric cassette tapes for extra background hiss and subtle flutter backing up the drones. It includes the two bonus tracks "Pearly I/O" and "Sas Nam" not available on the digital album. The tape comes with a standard case and 160g/m² j-card with photographs, stickers and a signed note.