Workshop at Occulture Conference

I was invited to do a workshop at the 2019 Occulture Esoteric Conference in Berlin. The topic of my presentation was "Close Encounters With Placeness":

In this workshop we will explore different perspectives on approaching "spirits of place." Taking Berlin as a subject we will take a closer look at some of its psychogeography, and mythology, moody river gods and places of power. One goal is to examine together how to interface with "placeness" as an art and magical practice. An easy and exciting method of doing so is "Randonauting", the exploration of places determined by a set of geographic coordinates calculated by a quantum random number generator. The initial goal of this technique developed by the "Fatum Project" was to see what happens when people visit arbitrary locations. It unexpectedly led the randonauts to discoveries of strange places, weird artifacts and even mystical journeys. In the workshop an introduction to the method will be given and how it can be applied to set off synchronicities, how to use it for divination or other magical applications, or simply for exploring familiar as well as foreign places for fun.