Kurtág - Reflections Through Conduction

The world of contemporary music celebrated the 90th birthday of Hungarian composer György Kurtág. Interpreting this influential oeuvre of contemporary classical music, the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin dedicated a special event to Kurtág on 8 March 2016, presenting two concerts. One of them was a live concert of The Spontaneous Arkestra led by the legendary fusion musician, composer and conceptualist Jean-Paul Bourelly through the use of Conduction to command the orchestra and reflect on Kurtág's works. By its nature, Conduction method liberates both conductor and musicians from the traditional boundaries of musical rules, habits and conventions, making the collaboration more spontaneous and surprising the audience with unexpected turns.

Tlalit and I did a visual improvisation for the concert. The used material consisted only of macro-videography of the stage and instruments of the musicians shot during the rehearsals the day before by Tlalit. This base material was modified and mixed live by me and masked with music inspired live drawings with Alchemy by Tlalit.