The Goethe Institut invited me to a ten day trip to Moldova and Ukraine as part of their program to support alternative art spaces in eastern Europe.

I was invited by the newly opened alternative art space #Adapter in Kremenchuk to stay there for three days as a mini residency and develop a video installation.


Besides doing an impromptu live visual performance at the opening night I developed a permanent installation object with practical value for the art space. Together with the help of Eugene Dmitriev, Pascha of PXM, Maxim Zveroboy, Maria Hildenbrandt, and Antony Chupin we built a furniture object resembling an "adapter" with a video screen to display a loop with the space's logo. Ideas for improvement were collected and in the future the adapter installation will host a Raspberry Pi with a custom software to display any kind of information, like the art space's upcoming program, and things like that.








some photos (c) Марина Орлова

Many thanks to Ірина Каць, Юрий Слюсарь and everyone else from the #Adapter team for the great hosting and support and to Goethe Institut for making it all possible!