Wyjście Alternatywne

with Tlalit Segal Raayoni

My friends and audiovisual colleagues Moony and Tomasz aka. IM2 invited us to come to the annual city festival of Zduńska Wola near Łódź to an audiovisual night they organised as the "alternative program" of the city's celebrations. Together with my audiovisual artist friends Elektro Moon from Kraków, and a DJ crew from Warszawa we turned the old warehouse into a party venue with video installations, projections, and electronic beats. Tlalit and I had prepared content for a video installation to show there, but eventually ended up making a spontaneous mapping installation. Tlalit shot a lot of photos of textures in the neighborhood and we mapped them onto a structure of plastic wrapped styrofoam cubes and I mixed them live to the music later the night.