Sony Style Store Berlin

hired by Cerberus for Sony Style Store

Video Installation at the Sony Style Store at the Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. Screened from April 27th until May 10th 2004. Live mixed to music track "cali planet" by kAzooo (Acedia Music), with self filmed footage of the Sony Center architecture, selfmade abstract animations and clips found on the internet.

thanks to Bernd Trautwein for footage contribution and fishing this deal for me, kAzooo (acedia) for the music, Sony Style Store Berlin for screening the video, Michael "Kille" Killmann for the kind support and cooperation, Jens and the other guys at Cerberus (

review: "This is a film about form and little more - it both meditates on and exults in the fundamental beauty of line and shape. This film is at once exuberant and reflective, highly frenzied and ambient, swirling through architectural patterns at such a pace that it just seems to flow. The music helps this end greatly, of course. This film begins with movement through spaces - down roads and tracks, down escalators and through lobbies. It then explores windows and complex nets of electrical circuit diagrams. It examines at length and in several different colors an inverted antenna-like structure while a robot dances and extends his mechanical hand. Elevators ascend and descend in an extreme low-angle telephoto shot that obscures for a while the fact that they are elevators. This probably began as humble footage, but this exquisite editing and complex artistic vision literally wove it together beautifully. Eight minutes may seem too long at first, but the time is well worth the mathematical contemplation." (tambora)