project satcic with Tim de Cort , photos by Tim de Cort, Jessica Koekelcoren, Sebastiaan ter Burg

collaborative installation with Tim de Cort shown at FREEMOTE Festival. a random font consisting of broken down architectural elements is being composed into a pattern in chaotic order fed from the semantic input from a C64 computer keyboard. The pattern is sporadically printed onto endless paper.

photo (CC) Sebastiaan ter Burg

the interface the output

after the first day, the original 60's television set was broken. first it started with magnetic glitches, then it died completely. so for day 2 we used a projector instead and constantly showed the SATCIC output also on the projection.

the main problem about the installation was the input people gave. we are not sure if it was the audience or the setting that resultet in output that was rather superficial and flat and didn't really show the power of SATCIC. Tim reflects on the issue on his blog and also gives examples of what people typed in.