Surname: Last

Forenames: Tobias Frederik

Date of Birth: March 25th 1980 in Heidelberg, Germany

Nationality: German

Address: Forster Str. 54, 10999 Berlin

Telephone: +49-(0)178-5474826

Email: flux [ätt] kopiloten [dott] com

Professional Fields

  • planning and organisation of events
  • video-animations, video-production, post-production, video-art, live-video
  • screen-design, GUI-design
  • cultural management / project management
  • planning, design and development of websites
  • Flash-animation and programming
  • development of custom multimedia applications and installations
  • software development in cinder / openFrameworks / max/msp / python
  • teaching of IT related topics
  • bartending

Artistic Research

  • live cinema
  • audiovisual dance performances
  • video-animations, video-production, post-production, video-art, live-video
  • creative coding in c++ / python
  • node based graphical programming
  • hardware controllers
  • development of custom multimedia applications and installations
  • photography

Professional Career

  • 2013-now manager of kopiloten coworking space
  • 2013-now development, tech support, freelancer at Skudi Optics & Eventdesign GmbH
  • 2011-2013 coop culture & media office with Silke Müller as “kopiloten”
  • 2010-2012 bartender at café & bar “Salon Schmück”
  • 2006-now working as a freelancer
  • 2005-2012 founding member of the management board of VC VisualBerlin e.V.
  • 2009-2010 Lessing Gymnasium Berlin supervision of a group of students who form a „student company“ specialized on IT support
  • 2007-2008 freelancer at GP. Gemeinschaftspraxis für Gestaltung
  • 2007 multimedia programming for DEON GbR
  • 2006-2007 freelance Flash work for Ableton AG
  • 2004-2006 Ableton AG, Berlin, web-administration, graphic-design, Flash animations
  • 2005 freelance web development work for Educational Design GmbH
  • 2005 lectures and workshops for students on VJing, JuKuFa Brandenburg
  • 2005 Fachhochschule Brandenburg Max/Jitter workshop for students
  • 2005 Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe Max/Jitter workshop for students
  • 2003-2004 eedo GmbH, Potsdam, content-management, Flash animations
  • 2003 Labor Limbach, Heidelberg, inventory & logistics management
  • 2003 freelance web developer for ‘freedom2speak’ film project, Berlinale Film Fest.
  • 2002-2003 garderobe23, Berlin, internship web-development, Max/MSP programming and live-video
  • 2000-2001 Viviance GmbH, Potsdam, content-management, LaTeX scripting, graphic-design, Flash animations
  • 2000 AV Media GmbH, Heidelberg, internship video-production, post-production, multimedia-design
  • 1999-2000 geriatric hospital Bethanien, Heidelberg, social service as nurse in rehabilitation ward, temporary work in accounting department

Artistic Career

  • since 2011 co-organiser of Scope Sessions
  • since 2009 artistic and technical assistant of audiovisual events at .CHB
  • since 2003 actively working as VJ
  • since 2002 programming and researching Max/MSP/Jitter/NATO software
  • since 1998 video arts enthusiast
  • 2011-2012 assistant of the management of the video-arts association VisualBerlin e.V.
  • 2005 – 2011 member of the management board of VisualBerlin e.V.
  • 2010 head coordinator of the visualberlinFestival 2010
  • 2010-2011 member of the interdisciplinary art collective Fax Nylon Opium Radikalisten
  • 2010 member of the live cinema and arts collective übermutanty
  • 2009 member of the audiovisual dance performance collective Instant Delay
  • 2008 co-organiser of the µ:avit VJ festival
  • 2006 co-organiser of the AVIT>C23 VJ festival
  • 2005 co-founder of VisualBerlin e.V.
  • 2005-2008 member of the VJ and Live Cinema collective =ff=


  • 2000-2009 studies of computer sciences with focus on digital media, Fachhochschule Brandenburg, Brandenburg an der Havel
  • 1990-1999 private Gymnasium Englisches Institut Heidelberg, A-Levels (Abitur): 2,3
  • 1996-1997 Northwest High School, Justin, TX, USA
  • 1994-1996 Jugendkunstschule Heidelberg
  • 1986-1990 Eichendorff Grundschule, Heidelberg

Language Skills

  • German (native speaker)
  • English (fluent)
  • French (basic)

IT Skills

  • common office software (MS Office, OpenOffice)
  • operating systems (DR-DOS, Windows, MacOS 9, MacOS X, Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS)
  • programming- and script-languages (C, C++, Python, Java, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, ActionScript 2, shell-script)
  • graphic-design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand, GIMP)
  • digital-video-software (Premiere, Final Cut Pro, After Effects)
  • realtime-video software (Resolume, VDMX, ESX, Resolume, Modul8, Arkaos)
  • node-based realtime graphic programming environments (Max/MSP/Jitter, PureData, vvvv)

Other Skills

  • Very good interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.
  • Good writing skills
  • Team working and leading skills; ability to work with people with different backgrounds and manage cross-disciplinary teams.
  • Management skills: able to work under pressure, multitask and to manage large collaboratory projects.
  • Teaching: experienced with teaching small to medium large groups of students, supervising workshops.