project ff with fRED

[eff-eff], [da-bl eff] - visual performers group pseudonym. joint venture of the video artists fRED and Kiritan Flux from Berlin. Both share a cranky affinity towards pixilated and pixelated substance and appearance. fRED and Flux complement each other in their perception of the need to explore asetetic frontiers, experiment with geek technologies and actively get involved in the vj scene, pushing it towards a more cooperative self-conception.

=ff= are dealing with the issue of communication between the visual artist and the obsever, trying to extract the VJ’s position from being a stark and stiff nerd gazing at a laptop screen in a dark corner of the stage towards a respected appearance as visual performer. The =ff= method to achieve this is presenting an exaggerated self glorification withing the narrative content of the shown short-films on screen and on stage at the same time.

The presented stories of a =ff= narrative ego performance consist mainly of wild documentaries of their travel journeys, filmed and produced till the last second before their presentation. Not until they are driectly inside the environment of their planned presentation, =ff= equip themselves with odd costumes, film each other within the foreign set of their surrounding and spontaneously interweave fictional actions and short narratives. The shots work without sound, without script and without editing and they represent a radically egocentric type of video journalism in the subversive tradition of “gonzo” pioneer Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson once stated, that “true gonzo reporting needs the talents of a master journalist, the eye of an artist/photographer and the heavy balls of an actor. […] Probably the closest analogy to the ideal would be a film director/producer who writes his own scripts, does his own camera work and somehow manages to film himself in action, as the protagonist or at least a main character.” =ff= push it even a step further and appear as exclusive presentators of their films - but in the role of the gonzo protagonists of their nonlinear video documentaries. Every presentation represents a unique premiere, because the cutting happens in real-time and is irreproducable in its momentary aestetics.

Thus, =ff= succeed in merging all the different paradigms known under the abbreviation “VJ”. Besides their appearance as gonzo “Video-Journalists”, they are cheeky “video jockeys” of the MTV generation, who present their self-made music clips to the public, and at the same time they eventually are ordinary “Visual Jockeys” from the illustrious underground club culture of Berlin, who can do their run-of-the-mill nerdcore flicker VJ standard program as well.

performances ###

  • 06.09.2008 - "Coulrophobie" - e's 40th birthday party - Pulp Mansion, Berlin, DE
  • 01.06.2008 - "FF Bots Will Invade Your B-Rain" - Live Performers Meeting, Macello IV, Roma, IT
  • 22.09.2007 - "Weltherrschaft" - Live Performers Meeting, Linux Club, Roma, IT
  • 17.08.2007 - "Badespaß" - 5 Meter Bar, Berlin, DE
  • 19.05.2007 - "Designmai Punksters" - DMY, Arena, Berlin, DE
  • 02.03.2007 - "Nep Konijn" - Consortium, Amsterdam, NL
  • 01.03.2007 - "Nep Konijn" - Ekko, Utrecht, NL
  • 24.11.2006 - "The Italian Job" - Live Performers Meeting, Linux Club, Roma, IT
  • 25.07.2006 - "Wrozlaw Parano" - Era Nowe Horyzonty, Burgher's Brewery, Wrozlaw, PL