did we meat?

project fnor with Melody Panosian

doing rather than being — process rather than performance dual-screen video-installation and live-performance a work in progress of the Fax Nylon Opium Radikalisten collective together with Melody Panosian.

part 1: The audience is presented with two adjacent screens representing two separate, but interwoven worlds that attempt to communicate – between each other and the performer on stage. The installation wants to share the experience of the refiguring multiple travelling affinities in the real and the virtual world. It’s a glimpse into the journey of hypertextual flesh through timespace, exposed to a constant stream of information and emotion from the future and the past – poetry that will prevail. performed on October 26, 2010 at Pa Besök, Malmö, Sweden


part 2: a memory performed on November 6, 2010 at Die Frühperle, Berlin, DE