with Alex Halka for Deutsches Kulturzentrum Klausenburg

The goal of my performance at "Clujotronic" in the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania was to create an audiovisual performance within 48 hours together with a Romanian musician I had never met before - and my own dogma to make it even harder for myself: only with video material shot in Cluj...

Many thanks to the amazing Alex Halka - it was a very inspiring and synergetic collaboration. Thanks a lot to the CLUJOTRONIC team for the idea and for making this festival: Fabian, Alexandra, Liliana and Ildiko vom Deutsches Kulturzentrum Klausenburg, the Institut Francais, Razvan and his great tech support crew, VJ PLUS[+], Nerk/Kirn, Edouard & Matthieu, 7th Sphere Project.